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“Eight Important Amenities” to own a Luxurious Flat

“A good home is made, not bought”, is a true saying followed in every succesful happy home. To live a comfy life, one needs a home bundled with great essential amenities. Now what are amenities!!! To those who understand a “gated community” as an amenity are mistaken. And to those who understand all luxuries within home area are amenities are also wrong. For young buyers like us, amenities include a large meaning in making a home comfortable, soothing and desirable. We are looking for a real home with all relevant requirements and not a resort-life. Talking about amenities, we can make a long list however, not every pointer will be relevant. List the basic and relevant amenities you definitely require for day-to-day life. We buy a house for living in a secured and comfortable life. In an average, most of the families living in a home have 2 working individuals out of 4. And a regular working individual spends 9 hours in workplace and an hour in travelling. Remaining fourteen hours is what a person spends at home, doing regular chores like making meals, having them, taking bath, and sleeping, etc. Well, that was a basic calculation, the hours can increases or decrease from one individual to another.

Coming back to the amenities, we definitely get fascinated by what the builder offers however, the trick to attract, can actually be tomfoolery for us! Many of us get attracted to large amenity-provider builders however, not even half of them we use. Also, many aspects that make importance get lost in the haste.

Quickly I will tell you the essential eight amenities that ensure a comfortable and great deal in buying a dream house.

1. An apartment must have a good space for toddlers and kids to play around. Therefore play area is a must amenity. Make sure the apartment has well-carpeted play area with latest swings for kids and enough jogging space for adults to walk around.
2. The apartment must have a library space to inculcate a habit of reading in kids and grown-ups. Cell phones have taken away the best of us. Ensure the apartment has library to spend a good time reading.
3. GYM is a mandatory amenity provided it is equipped with latest machinery that helps you retain fitness. There should also be a possibility to hire a trainer to train the beginners. In the hustle of life, the most ignored part of our life is our physical health.
4. Sports add flavor to life and sometimes become our medium to earn bread & butter. A proper pitch and field for various sports should be provided, be it in indoor sports or outdoor sports.
5. A swimming pool with ozone system for adults and toddlers should be provided.
6. A general store should be within the apartment to save time and travelling for petty reasons.
7. A music room should definitely be there. While kids can learn, adults can practice the old cherished love for music for leisure.
8. A club house is very mandatory spacious enough to organize a festival, anniversary or birthday party. Why book any other venue when you have within the horizon.

An apartment should be equipped in all manners with the amenities that make your tasks easy and stress-free. While booking your dream house, invest your priorities in the right direction. “All that glitters isn’t gold”; likewise all offered amenities aren’t relevant. Make a choice that holds your priorities as theirs.

November 12, 2021
November 12, 2021
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